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Website Monitoring · Web Application Monitoring · API Monitoring

Website Monitoring
you can count on

Uptrends is the ultimate monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers.

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The complete website monitoring solution

Know the health of your website, server and API around the clock

Website Monitoring

Proactively test your website with a real browser using our 209 worldwide checkpoints. Know when something breaks before your customers!

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor multi-step transactions such as shopping carts, login, search, and forms. Easily create your click paths with the Transaction Recorder tool.

Web Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify the source of web performance issues in Chrome, IE and Firefox. Receive load-time alerts, and view errors with waterfall reports.

API Monitoring

Set up continuous automated API testing to monitor changing circumstances. Monitor your API uptime and set up API calls to verify its response data.

Real User Monitoring

Get performance data directly from your site's users. Analyze a detailed performance breakdown for every browser, device, and OS your visitors use.

Server Monitoring

Keep an eye on your web and mail servers' (SMTP, POP3 & IMAP) uptime from an external view. Avoid long-term mayhem with DNS Monitoring.

With features and tools built for teams

Receive reliable alerts and share data your own way
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SMS and voice alerts

Get SMS alerts when things go wrong, but, if it really hits the fan, use voice alerts to wake you up.

Free mobile apps

Stay “in the know” about your website status, with mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Third-party integrations

Integrate with tools like Slack and PagerDuty or set up a webhook to receive alerts in the tools your team already uses.

Alert escalations

Set up multiple alert escalations to have the right people notified when a problem occurs.

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“We integrated Uptrends with Slack, so it noisily notifies us of anything. We are able to act very quickly; our average time to respond to outages has gone down.”

Kyle Moschetto, Director of DevOps at Bitly — 2D-001-001 Dapol N Scale Class 33 D6571 BR Green No Warning Panel

Export and share data

Send your data ad-hoc to team-members or plan for automatic delivery via PDF, Excel or email.

Error screenshots

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How does your site look when it's down? Find out with error snapshots (even in transactions!).

Custom dashboards

Combine your data in custom dashboards. Drag, drop, and resize; it's all possible.

Public status pages

Display your website availability and load times with Uptrends’ fully customizable Public Status Pages!

“With six strategically placed big-screen monitors, we keep our teams informed. We have over 30 custom dashboards at the ready to monitor any situation.”

Steven Andrews, Leader Application Support at Virgin Australia — Read Use Case

Your customers are everywhere. So are we.

With an industry-leading number of 209 worldwide servers, our website monitoring empowers you to find out where in the world your website latency is the highest, so you can take action in areas where it’s most necessary. You can even monitor behind your firewall, with a 2er-Set Herpa Mercedes-Benz MB SLS AMG ( C197 ) Cabriolet & Coupé 1 87 H0 selten.

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“Every five minutes, Uptrends checks if the major functionality in our SaaS application continues to work. Can customers login? Can they add data?”

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All solutions work together in one place

Proactively test with Synthetic Monitoring

When stuff breaks, get alerts from Uptrends, not your customers! Rest assured, and use Uptrends' Synthetic Monitoring service to maintain high availability and sky-rocket your web performance.

Control your APIs with Multi-step API Monitoring

Your business relies heavily on APIs, but do you know if your APIs work? Meet Multi-step API Monitoring! Uptrends' API Monitoring and API Testing Service allows you to set up advanced API calls. We speak REST, JSON, OAuth and XML fluently.

Get data from real users with Real User Monitoring

While Synthetic Website Monitoring works as a bot, Real User Monitoring gets you data from site visitors as they browse your website. See exactly how your visitors experience your website!

Ready for take-off?
Join over 25,000 users worldwide

Create your full-featured website monitoring trial today.
No credit card is required, and your trial expires automatically.

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